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What Happens If You Get Injured in a Store

What Happens If You Get Injured in a Store

The holidays are just around the corner, which means you’re going to be heading to retail stores this season to shop for your friends and family. While you’re there, you may encounter a number of different hazards that could cause you to become injured. It’s important to learn about what happens if you get injured in a store so that you can protect yourself should it happen.

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Store Injuries That Happen Around the Holidays

This year, with the global supply chain crisis, people may be more stressed out than ever when they go holiday shopping. This alone can lead to more accidents and injuries, especially on Black Friday, when shoppers are known to shove and trample over each other just to snag some good deals.

Since the stores are so busy and there is an employee shortage going on at the same time, retailers may not be as vigilant about keeping their aisles cleared and their stores clean. Items could fall, and you might end up tripping and falling and getting injured.

Additionally, since storeowners and employees are going to be held up dealing with customers, they could forget to put up “wet floor” signs after they’ve mopped or neglect to fix old, frayed carpeting and floors with cracks in it. You may not see these floor hazards and fall and hurt yourself.

Parking lots are places where people tend to get in car accidents during the holidays. With fewer parking spots available, drivers get more aggressive behind the wheel and could crash into your car. Additionally, they may be in a rush and not pay attention to where they’re going, causing damage to your car and harming you. If the parking lot has poor lighting, that’s another issue because you might not be able to see where you going and you slip and fall on the pavement.

Though winter weather doesn’t affect Southern California, there tends to be more rain and fog around the holidays. These weather conditions can lead to low visibility, and you may get injured outside of a retail store.

Who Is Responsible for a Store Injury?

If you get into a car accident in the parking lot due to someone else’s error, then the other driver is likely going to be at fault. You may also be at least partly responsible if you were distracted or driving aggressively.

The storeowner could be liable for your injuries; it depends on the circumstances surrounding the accident. First, you must prove that the storeowner owed you a duty of care, they breached that duty of care and because of that breach, you got injured.

Your claim needs to be reasonable, however. For instance, if a child dropped a banana peel in a store and you slipped on it five minutes later, it’s not reasonable that the storeowner should have picked it up so quickly. But if there were cracks in the floor for months at a time and the storeowner failed to fix them – causing injury to you and possibly others – then that may be considered reasonable.

Another party who may be responsible for your injuries is the property owner. This would apply if there was poor lighting in the parking lot or damaged structures outside of the retail store. Again, your claim has to be reasonable. If you fell because it was raining outside and the pavement was slippery, there is nothing the property owner could have done about that. But if they failed to replace the light bulbs in the lamps outside the store, and you couldn’t see what you were doing and fell, they may be responsible.

Keep in mind that if you were talking on a cell phone, texting, or otherwise distracted when your injury occurred, it means that you were likely responsible for your accident. Your claim probably wouldn’t hold up.

What to Do Following a Store Injury

After you get injured in a car accident in a store parking lot, ask the other driver for their insurance information and report the incident to the police. Take photographs of the other driver’s license plate, both of your cars, the general scene of the accident and any visible injuries and damage to your personal belongings. Collect witness statements from people who saw what happened, and note if there are any cameras around that may have recorded the accident. Then, go to the hospital for treatment and get X-rays done.

After getting injured outside or inside of a store, report the accident to the storeowner/property owner right away. Get the report in writing so you have a copy. Ask the storeowner or property owner for surveillance footage of the incident and collect witness statements. Take photographs of the place where the accident occurred and your visible injuries and damage to your belongings. Then, go to the hospital for treatment. Follow your doctor’s treatment plan and stay on top of your care. If you don’t, it’ll look like your injuries aren’t that serious.

When you get home from the hospital, you may receive a call from the responsible party’s insurance company. Do not give them any information or tell them about your injuries. Instead, get in touch with a personal injury lawyer, who will negotiate with the insurance company for you. They will gather any evidence you have and collect more if needed to prove your case and get you the compensation you deserve.

You could be entitled to damages for your medical costs, loss of wages if you had to take off work, damage to your belongings, pain and suffering and more. It’s not fair that you’re now dealing with all these bills on your own. By calling a personal injury lawyer, you will have an advocate on your side who will work hard for you in your time of need.   

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