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Long Beach Insurance Fraud Defense Attorney

Atty. Robin PerryGetting charged with insurance fraud is very stressful. You know that if you’re convicted, you may have to serve time in prison and pay a large fine. Right now, your goal is to either get your charges reduced or dropped altogether so that you have a brighter future ahead.

If you’ve been arrested or charged, the Long Beach insurance fraud lawyers at the Law Office of Robin D. Perry & Associates are here for you. For over two decades, we’ve been representing clients in Long Beach and Los Angeles. Call us at 562-216-2944 to schedule your consult today. Until then, here is some more information on insurance fraud and how we can assist you with your case.

What Is Insurance Fraud?

You might not exactly understand the charges you’re contending with at this time. Insurance fraud is a white-collar crime, and it could be classified as a felony or misdemeanor. With a felony conviction, you could go to state prison for two, three, or five years, and have to pay a fine of up to $50,000, and with a misdemeanor conviction, you could have to go to jail for up to one year and pay up to a $10,000 fine. Additional penalties could include performing community service and paying restitution to your victims.

Insurance fraud basically means that you’re attempting to get money from an insurance company, but your claim is not justified or real. Even if you’re not the one making the claim but you’re participating in an insurance fraud scheme for some sort of payoff, you could also be charged and possibly convicted.

You cannot knowingly make a false insurance claim when it comes to your insurance, intentionally cause or participate in an accident because you want a settlement, bring forth more than one claim for the same injury, or submit a false claim for theft from your vehicle or damage to your vehicle. In California, the most common insurance fraud allegations arise from car accidents, workers’ compensation claims, healthcare claims and alleged benefit fraud or the wrongful receipt property, life, and casualty benefits. No matter what kind of charges you’re facing, the Long Beach insurance fraud attorneys at Robin D. Perry & Associates would be happy to defend you.

Defending Insurance Fraud

woman counting money Getting charged with insurance fraud is serious, but with the right representation on your side, you can defend yourself against these allegations. Under California Penal Code 550, the prosecutor has to show that you made a false insurance claim, you knew it was false or fraudulent, and you did it with the intent to defraud. It’s not easy for the prosecutor to prove intent. They’re going to need solid evidence that you are indeed guilty. You could claim that you didn’t know you were committing fraud and you simply made a mistake.

Another defense is that the insurance agent or adjuster made an error. Or perhaps the law enforcement officers who arrested you searched your place without a warrant, didn’t read you your Miranda rights, or coerced you into making a confession.

An experienced Long Beach insurance fraud attorney will examine the details of your case and the evidence you have to support your side of the story. Then, together, you’ll come up with a solid defense strategy.

How a Long Beach Insurance Fraud Attorney Can Help You

Your attorney will work hard to get your charges reduced or dropped. Often cases result in a plea deal that reduce or drop the charges. Other cases go to trial. But you’ll never know what’s possible until you contact an attorney.

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If you’ve been charged with insurance fraud, then get in touch with the Los Angeles and Long Beach insurance fraud lawyers at the Law Office of Robin D. Perry & Associates. You can call us at 562-216-2944 or contact us on our website. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your case.

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