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Long Beach Personal Injury Lawyer

Atty. Robin PerryWhen you get injured in an accident, you suddenly have expensive medical bills to pay. You have to take time off work to undergo treatment and you may not be able to partake in your favorite activities anymore. It’s not fair that this happened to you, and you shouldn’t be stuck with covering all these new expenses. The person who was responsible for your injury should have to pay.

That’s where the Long Beach personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Robin D. Perry & Associates come in.

*Alert: In April 2023, Robin Perry settled an historic wrongful death case involving the Long Beach Unified School District for $13 Million – the largest settlement in a school district shooting ever in the United States. Read more here.

*Alert: In April of 2023, Robin Perry settled a wrongful death lawsuit for $1.275 Million involving a man killed by a truck on the freeway in Blythe, CA. Read more here.

Personal Injury Law Firm Serving Southern California

For over two decades, we’ve been representing clients in Long Beach, Los Angeles and Southern California to fight to get the compensation our clients deserve. You can give us a call at 562-216-2944 to schedule your consultation today or simply to learn about what we can offer. In the meantime, learn more about our services below.

Car Accident Injuries

Every year, thousands of Long Beach and Los Angeles residents get injured in car crashes. The dense traffic and aggressive and distracted drivers cause so many injuries that range from minor ones, like whiplash and back pain, to catastrophic injuries, like traumatic brain injuries and paraplegia. On top of your injuries, you may have to pay for costly car repairs and other damage to your personal belongings. A Long Beach personal injury lawyer at the Law Office of Robin D. Perry & Associates will negotiate with the defendant’s car insurance company to attempt to retrieve a fair settlement for your losses.

Pedestrian & Bike Accident Injuries

Long Beach and Los Angeles are not exactly the most pedestrian & bicycle-friendly cities. Crosswalks are hard to spot, and drivers might be on their cell phones instead of paying attention to who’s on the road. When you get into a pedestrian accident with a vehicle, you could get seriously injured. Bike accidents are also common in these crowded cities. Even if you were partly responsible for your injuries, our Long Beach personal injury attorneys will work hard to get you at least a portion of the damages that are rightfully yours.

Also handling matters including:

What to Do If You’re in an Accident

broken red carAny time you’re in an accident – even if you think it’s your fault – there are a few steps you need to take to make your case stronger. First, if you were involved in a car accident, call the police and create a police report. Then, with any sort of accident, you’ll need to collect evidence of your own to bolster your case. This could include photographs of your injuries, damage to your belongings, the defendant’s car and license plate, and the place where the accident occurred. You could also note if there are any security or traffic cameras around that caught what happened on tape. You’ll need to ask the defendant for their name, contact information, and insurance information, including their policy number. If they offer you a settlement not to call the insurance company, do not accept it.

After the accident, go to the hospital right away even if you think you aren’t injured. Get X-rays done and tell the doctor about any pain you are experiencing. Then, if they give you a treatment plan, follow it. Go to your appointments, undergo medical testing, and take medicine if needed.

If the defendant’s insurance company calls you to offer you a settlement, do not accept it or tell them you’re injured. Instead, contact a Long Beach personal injury lawyer at the Law Offices of Robin D. Perry to help you.

Your lawyer will ask you for your evidence and gather more, like your medical records, if necessary. They will reach out to the defendant’s insurance provider and attempt to negotiate a settlement that will cover your economic and non-economic damages like your medical bills, lost wages, loss of enjoyment, emotional distress, pain and suffering, and more. Your lawyer will negotiate for the highest settlement possible. Rarely do these cases go to court because trials are time-consuming and expensive. As long as you agree to a settlement number, then your lawyer will pursue it and get you your compensation.

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If you’ve been injured in an accident in Long Beach or Los Angeles, then reach out to the Law Office of Robin D. Perry & Associates. You can call us at 562-216-2944 or contact us on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

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