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Long Beach Business Lawyer

Attorney Robin PerryStarting a business is exciting. When you first open, you do everything you can to ensure you’re successful, from settling on a good idea to finding the right partner and drafting all the necessary contracts to protect everyone involved.

However, running a business can get complicated, and disputes may arise. Suddenly, you’re spending more time addressing your legal issues instead of overseeing your business and it begins to suffer. Now, you want to solve your issues or get out of the business altogether.

Handling Business Formation & Litigation Throughout Los Angeles

No matter what path you want to take, the Long Beach business attorneys at the Law Office of Robin D. Perry & Associates can help. For over two decades, we’ve been representing businesses in Long Beach and Los Angeles. You can give us a call at 562-216-2944  to schedule your consult today. In the meantime, learn more about our services.

Contract Disputes and Breach of Contract

Coming to an agreement is not always easy, even if you’re negotiating with your business partner. Contract disputes might arise when you’re writing the contracts or you’re modifying them to meet your business’ changing needs. Finding a lawyer to represent your best interests and guarantee that the contracts are indeed legal is always a good idea.

When it comes to breach of contract, you created and signed contracts with your partner, vendors, employees, and other stakeholders to prevent problems from arising. But someone didn’t hold up their end of the contract and it led to a slew of issues for you. Perhaps you weren’t able to deliver products to your customers and you lost thousands of dollars, or your partner didn’t follow through on their agreed-upon responsibilities. You need to pursue legal action against the person who breached the contract or defend yourself if someone claims you breached it; our Long Beach business litigation attorneys have expertise in this area and will work out a solution for you and your company.

Employment Disputes & Claims

man and woman having conflict and dispute at roomAn employee may come after you for a number of reasons. Typically, they will have issues regarding their salary, wrongful termination, severance agreements, harassment discrimination in the workplace, and their benefits package. California is an at-will employment state, which means that you can terminate an employee at any time with or without prior notice or cause, as long as there isn’t an enforceable contract stating otherwise. Whichever issue you’re dealing with, we can attempt to address the employee’s claim or, if the employee had a valid claim, negotiate a deal with their representation outside of the courtroom to save both of you time, energy, and money.

Partnership Disputes

Partnership disputes are pretty common in business. Even if you’re starting a business with a good friend or colleague you trust, you can run into a number of problems. Perhaps you have differences regarding the direction of the business or one of you feels that the other is not fulfilling their contractual obligations as a partner. You may have agreements and contracts in place, but they are unclear and you don’t know what to do. Above all else, you want to keep your business going, which means you will need to either work out your issues with your partner or dissolve your partnership. Our Long Beach business litigation attorneys can help with both.

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Your business is more than just your livelihood. It’s the manifestation of your hopes and dreams, and you want to do everything in your power to protect it and yourself.

If you’re in a business dispute in Long Beach or Los Angeles and you need representation, then reach out to the Law Office of Robin D. Perry & Associates. You can call us at 562-216-2944 or contact us on our website. Our Long Beach business litigation attorneys look forward to hearing from you.

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