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DUI Attorney Long Beach

attorney Robin PerryAt this moment, you may feel panicked, unsure, or hopeless. No one ever intends to get a DUI, but it’s still one of the most common criminal offenses. It’s easy to underestimate how much you drank or alcohol’s effect on you before you get behind the wheel, and yet, the consequences of a DUI conviction can follow you for the rest of your life.

We know that mistakes happen and we’re here to fight for your future. Call the Law Offices of Robin D. Perry at 562-216-2944 to talk to a Long Beach DUI defense attorney right now.

Know What to Expect When Facing DUI Charges

If you know what to expect from this process, you’ll feel more prepared as you take on each step. One important factor that sets impaired driving apart from other offenses is the fact that there are two sides to your case.

First, the California DMV will be involved. You will lose your license 30 days after your arrest, but you do have the opportunity to request a hearing to keep your license. The criminal court handles the other side, determining whether or not you are guilty if you are offered a plea bargain, and what your penalties will be. A strong Long Beach DUI defense attorney like the one at the Law Offices of Robin D. Perry will know how to approach both angles of your case.

After your DUI arrest, you will either be released on your own recognizance or after posting bail. From there, you will need to schedule a hearing with the DMV and begin preparing for your case in the criminal court system.

DUI Penalties in California

DUI Defense for Those Accused in Long BeachCalifornia, like many other states, imposes increasingly severe penalties as drivers acquire more and more impaired driving convictions. If you are on your first DUI, did not cause an accident, and did not have any aggravating factors at the time of your arrest, your odds are much better than those of someone who has a long history of DUIs and caused a serious accident on their most recent arrest.

For a first DUI offense, plan on paying a fine of at least $390 as well as other penalties imposed by the court. In total, this adds up to several thousand dollars. You will also need to take an educational course at your own expense. There is no required jail time for a first-time offender. Other possible penalties include attendance of a victim impact panel and community service.

Those convicted of a second DUI are sentenced to a minimum of 96 hours in jail, and the fines are similar to those of a first DUI conviction.

With each additional DUI conviction, as well as the presence of any aggravating factors, the penalties become more and more costly—in terms of both time and money.

How We Approach DUI Cases

Every single DUI case is different, and that’s why we start each case with a blank slate. Perhaps you simply had an error in judgment and are committed to driving safely for the rest of your life, or perhaps you have a medical condition that mimics the symptoms of impairment. Maybe your initial traffic stop was unlawful or the officer who arrested you violated your civil liberties during your arrest. There are many different approaches that can work in a California DUI case, and our goal is to find the best possible defense for your unique circumstances. Some of the options we may consider include:

  • Improper analysis of field sobriety tests
  • Illegal traffic stops
  • Inaccurate alcohol screening tests
  • Failure to follow sample collection protocols
  • Violation of your civil rights
  • Symptoms of impairment caused by a medication or medical condition

Why You Need a DUI Defense Attorney

Even if it’s your first offense, you may be surprised at how harshly the courts may view DUI offenses. Some courts have a tendency to “throw the book” at DUI offenders, both to punish the actual offender and to discourage others from drinking and driving.

However, this approach ignores the fact that many first-time offenders do not ever repeat this mistake. For many, impaired driving is a major lapse in judgment that serves as a wake-up call. In these situations, should a one-time mistake really define your future career options, your ability to drive, and your criminal record?

We don’t think so. We believe in second chances and fighting for what’s right. When you choose the Law Offices of Robin D. Perry, we’ll focus on crafting the right defense for you and giving you the fresh start you need.

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