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Reasons Why People Lose Their Professional License in California

Reasons Why People Lose Their Professional License in California

There are a number of different careers that make it necessary for people to have a license in order to practice. This is to ensure that they can properly do their job and serve their clients and customers. However, when they get into trouble, they could lose their license and face other legal consequences. If you are at risk, you could learn reasons why people lose their professional license, as well as how to potentially protect yourself so that doesn’t happen to you.

The Law Offices of Robin D. Perry & Associates provide vigorous representation to clients and are a goal-oriented and values-driven firm. We develop creative strategies to win every case, every time and are confident we can help you with keeping your professional license. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation.

Professions That Require a Professional License

There are a number of different professions that require a professional license. They include:

  • Lawyers
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Therapists
  • Cosmetologists
  • Electricians
  • Land surveyors
  • Counselors
  • Contractors
  • Accountant
  • Commercial driver

You may need to go through years of schooling and get real world experience before starting to work in your profession and opening up your business. And if you’ve successfully built up your business over the years, that means you’ve dedicated your all to your career and you work hard in your field.

But if you make certain moves, you could end up losing your professional license. Then, you’d have to fight to get it back. For example, if you’re a nurse, you might face disciplinary action from the California Board of Registered Nursing, which could hit you with a denial of your license if you are applying for the first time or take your license away. This could ruin your career and your reputation in the nursing field, among other devastating consequences. 

Why People Lose Their License

People could lose their license if they are charged with or convicted of doing something illegal that directly relates to their profession. Here are some examples.

You work in accounting and you were charged with embezzlement. Since you’re handling money as an accountant, you could very well lose your job because of this.

If you’re a doctor and you’ve committed malpractice, then you could also be subject to losing your license.

You may be an OB-GYN who was convicted of sexual assault. This could put you at risk of losing your license.

Even if you’re suffering from a personal issue like substance abuse, since this could affect your work, you may face disciplinary action from your board. After all, nobody wants an intoxicated doctor doing surgery or a commercial driver who is on drugs making deliveries. Both of these scenarios are bad for business, but above all, they are dangerous and life threatening.

Typically, people lose their license because of reasons like fraud, a criminal conviction, and malpractice. Every licensing board has a specific set of ethical standards, and you need to follow them.

 Why People May Not Lose Their License

If you did something illegal and it was not related to your profession, there is a chance that you could keep your license. For instance, you may have been convicted of shoplifting long before you got your medical license, and this information is now coming to light. This does not have anything to do with your profession, so you may not have to deal with the consequences. 

Additional Legal Repercussions

If you’ve been charged with a crime, then you could not only lose your license – you may face legal repercussions, such as time behind bars and having to pay a large fine, as well.

For instance, if you’re convicted of insurance fraud in California, you could be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the circumstances of your alleged crime. If you’ve convicted of a felony, you could go to prison for two, three, or five years, as well as have to pay a $50,000 fine or double the amount of the fraud. If you’re convicted of misdemeanor insurance fraud, the punishment is one year in jail as well as a $10,000 fine.

Even if you don’t get your professional license taken away, you could lose years of your professional life because you’re behind bars and unable to practice. That’s why it’s worth it to hire a lawyer who can represent you in your criminal case too.

You may be wondering: Why do I have to hire a lawyer if the court is going to provide me one for free?

While a public defender is good at their job, they are often given many cases to handle at one time, which is overwhelming. They won’t be able to focus on your case and give you the attention you deserve, which could lead to a negative outcome. You don’t want to risk that. Your future is at stake, so it’s best to make an investment in a hired lawyer, who will provide you with stellar service and support throughout your criminal case and when you face your licensing board.

How a Lawyer Can Help

Your lawyer will defend you when you are facing criminal charges as well as help you try to retain your professional license. They will assist you with building your case so you can get your license reinstated if you’ve lost it, or help you get an approval if you are facing a denial for your initial licensing.

What you need to do is retain an experienced lawyer as soon as you’re at risk of losing your license and/or as soon as you get charged with a crime. You should not admit anything to the police or prosecutor for your criminal case, or the licensing board. Even if you think there is no hope, you don’t know what your lawyer could do for you. They may see a way out of both situations so that you can move on with your life. At a time when you need support, they are going to be in your corner and give you all the help you require.

This may be scary, but with a lawyer’s assistance, you can feel better about your situation. Hopefully, together you can work hand in hand to resolve the problems you now have to deal with because of some mistakes you may have made.

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