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Rideshare Accidents During the Holidays

Rideshare Accidents During the Holidays

 If you’re like most people, the holiday season is an incredibly busy time for you. You’re visiting friends and family, hitting the shops for last-minute gifts, and attending office parties. To save time and get home safely after drinking, you may turn to rideshare apps for reliable and affordable transportation.

You should know, though, that rideshare accidents do increase during the holidays. In general, you’ll see a substantial increase in car accidents at this time of year. Know what to expect and what you should do if you are injured. Should you be involved in an accident, make sure you have aggressive legal representation—call the Law Offices of Robin D. Perry & Associates at 562-216-2944.

Drivers Are Pulling Long Hours

 Why are rideshare accidents more common at this time of year? Just like everyone else, rideshare drivers have extra expenses. They know more people are traveling and that there is money to be made. This often means forgoing sleep to get a couple extra hours in. Fatigued drivers are at a greater risk of accidents than well-rested drivers. During the holiday season, you’re likely to get a ride from a tired driver or share the road with a tired driver at some point. Fatigue makes it harder to make good decisions, react to obstacles in the road, or make snap judgment calls.

More People Are Out and About

 Traffic levels are simply higher during the holiday season, another risk factor for accidents. To make it even worse, more people are out in areas they aren’t necessarily familiar with. This means you could run into drivers who are randomly stopping or slowing down to read road signs or look at Christmas lights. Getting stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic skyrockets your chances of being involved in a crash.

You may assume that rideshare drivers are inherently better drivers since they do it for a living. However, they are prone to the same errors and bad driving habits as everyone else. Even if you’re sharing the road with more rideshare drivers, that doesn’t necessarily mean the roads are safer. For some people, more experience actually increases the risk of an accident. Everyone knows a driver who has been driving for so long that they think their level of experience will overcome any bad driving habits they have, whether it’s driving while tipsy, texting while driving, or someone else.

Stress Levels Are High

Another risk factor for holiday accidents is the increase in stress levels associated with the holiday season. People may be dealing with obnoxious family members, worrying about money, or battling a mile-long to-do list. With higher stress levels comes an increase in irritability. If you’re sharing the road with stressed, irritable drivers, the likelihood of a crash caused by road rage goes up. Even if a driver isn’t intentionally aggressive, they may naturally drive in a more dangerous manner just because they’re stressed.

What to Do After a Holiday Rideshare Accident

 What should you do if you get in an accident while in a rideshare vehicle or if you are hit by a rideshare driver while in your own vehicle? Use these steps to protect your right to seek compensation and get the medical care you need:

  • Report the accident. Call the police and report the crash so you can get an accident report. Depending on the severity of the crash, you may call emergency services or the non-emergency line.
  • Get the driver’s insurance information and their driver information. If you are in the other vehicle, get the rideshare driver’s insurance information and proof of their driver status with Uber or Lyft. If you are in the rideshare vehicle, get information for their insurance policy and take a screenshot of your ride confirmation so you can follow up with the rideshare service. Note that rideshare drivers are protected by Uber or Lyft insurance.
  • Gather evidence. Take photos of the crash scene and any injuries you incurred.
  • Seek medical care. Get checked out at an emergency room or urgent care right away. You will need proof of your injuries if you plan on seeking compensation.
  • Get a car accident attorney. Talking to an attorney can help you know what your next steps should be.

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